President Trump Is In Strong Position To Win Arizona Again With 100 Days Out Until Election Day

With 100 days to go until Election Day, Arizona is in a strong position to help re-elect President Trump and elect Republicans down the ballot. The ground game in Arizona is unmatched, especially as we celebrate our three millionth voter contact milestone.

Our team feels the energy with every door knocked and phone call made – the Grand Canyon State is reaping the benefits of the Great American Comeback, and voters are fired up to re-elect President Trump. For multiple cycles, the Republican Party of Arizona has not missed a beat in connecting with voters, volunteers, and community leaders to elect Republicans up and down the ballot. Meanwhile, Joe Biden finally stuck his head out of the basement long enough to find Arizona on a map, only making his first hire less than 150 days before Election Day.

Arizonans cannot afford Joe Biden. We all remember the struggles and difficulties Arizonans faced during the last administration, particularly record-high unemployment and foreclosure rates that left far too many families struggling to make ends meet. Over the past four years, President Trump has achieved record economic success and prioritized the American worker, cutting taxes, and creating jobs, ultimately smashing expectations and delivering results for Arizona families.

The coronavirus outbreak has caused significant damage to Arizona’s small businesses, with many workers fearing for the future. Thanks to the President’s leadership, the widely hailed Paycheck Protection Program successfully saved over 900,000 jobs in Arizona, with 81,000 loans totaling $8.6 billion sent out to keep employees on payroll during the crisis.

Even before COVID-19 made it to our shores, President Trump had built the greatest economy in the world, with unparalleled growth and opportunity for Arizonans, and he’s doing it a second time. In fact, Arizona saw a record-breaking 25,000 jobs added over the past two months, as well as a historic 4.5 percent drop in unemployment in May.

President Trump fought for Arizona’s farmers, processors, manufacturers, and small businesses through the landmark ratification of the United States-Mexico Canada-Agreement (USMCA). With the Grand Canyon State exporting nearly $10billion annually, and that trade supporting over 228,000 jobs, voters know that President Trump’s historic trade deal is a critical step for the sustained growth of Arizona’s economy.

The safety of your family is on the line in Joe Biden’s America. Biden has come out in support of sanctuary cities, said illegal immigrants detained by local law enforcement should not be turned over to I.C.E., and pledged to extend government-run free health care to illegal immigrants. Meanwhile, President Trump is also taking bold actions to secure our border with the construction of over 200 miles of new border wall in Arizona, cracking down on human trafficking, taking aim at sanctuary cities, and closing asylum loopholes.

Make no mistake about it, Joe Biden’s agenda is full of job-killing socialist fantasies that will harm Arizona families, wipe out middle-class workers, and decimate the state’s economy. The only thing we can count on in Biden’s America is unwelcomed regulations and tax increases that are out of step with Arizona voters who have zero interest in a radical socialist that advocates for closed schools, open borders, and defunded police departments.

On November 3, Arizonans will cast their vote for two fundamentally different candidates – one who has fought to create blue-collar jobs and another who has made it clear that he would sacrifice them. While President Trump leads the Great American Comeback and prioritizes Arizonans, Biden and the radical left-wing mob are committed to taking your hard-earned money and crushing the American dream in November.

Dr. Kelli Ward is a family physician, two-term Arizona state senator, and the chairwoman of the Republican Party or Arizona. On Twitter: @KelliWardAZ
President Trump's First 100 Days: 1 by Shealah Craighead | Official White House Photo is licensed under flickr Public Domain

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