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Letter From Our Chairman

My fellow Arizona Republicans,

It should come as no surprise when I tell you that Arizona will play a critical role in the 2020 general election.

The radical progressive Left, which has overtaken the Democrat Party, is out for blood. After tasting some measure of success in 2018, Democrats are energized and fired up to flip our state blue and, in the process, deny President Trump Arizona’s 11 electoral votes.

We can not allow that to happen!

However, in order to succeed, our party must unite and work together as never before. The road ahead will not be easy. The victories we all envision will require teamwork and sacrifice from each of us.

Despite the challenges ahead, Arizona’s future is bright. Our state has a unique opportunity to make a statement that the rest of the country simply can not ignore. We have a chance to settle, once and for all, the question of whether we are going to be a red or blue state.

Our mission is clear: We must focus on keeping our Republican-held U.S. Senate seat red, we must reclaim our strong GOP legislative majorities, and we must ensure that Arizona delivers its electoral votes to President Trump.

It’s time to get to work to win big in 2020!

United for Victory,


Our Party

Republicans believe that equality, freedom and limited government will give all Americans the tools they need to succeed.  Our party is deeply rooted in protecting human rights, preserving constitutional freedoms such as free speech, individual achievement and reducing the burdens added upon hard-working citizens. We are the Party that promotes jobs, assures opportunity and prosperity for all Americans.

Our focus is building a healthy economy based on free enterprise and sensible business practices, not by burdening families with overreaching government, ever-rising taxes and a suffocating debt. The successful future of American families and communities depends on a nation that is for the people.

Because we love our nation and desire to protect United States of America we are a party that supports strong national defense, healthcare reform that ensures quality care while lowering costs and empowering our children with quality education.

America needs Republican leadership, our passion and our principles to guide her back onto the road to recovery. The American Dream is within our grasp and together we will make those dreams a reality.

Join us as we work toward a better future for Arizona and the United States of America.

Founding Of The Republican Party

On July 6, 1854, just after the anniversary of the nation, an anti-slavery state convention was held in Jackson, Michigan. The hot day forced the large crowd outside to a nearby oak grove. At this “Under the Oaks Convention” the first statewide candidates were selected for what would become the Republican Party.

United by desire to abolish slavery, it was in Jackson that the Platform of the Under the Oaks Convention read: “…we will cooperate and be known as REPUBLICANS…” Prior to July, smaller groups had gathered in intimate settings like the schoolhouse in Ripon, Wisconsin. However, the meeting in Jackson would be the first ever mass gathering of the Republican Party.

The name “Republican” was chosen, alluding to Thomas Jefferson’s Democratic-Republican Party and conveying a commitment to the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The diversity of our party must be recognized as the party of the people. For nearly 200 years, the Republican Party has been the leader in movements endorsing free speech, abolishing slavery, supporting issues such as women’s rights, free enterprise, lowering taxes and creating sustainable energies and economies.

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