Crime Is Up And Tom O'Halleran Is Down To Defund The Police

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  • Source: RNC
  • 10/13/2022
Arizona is facing a crime wave, but Democrat Tom O’Halleran quietly signed on to defunding the police.
O’Halleran took money from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s pro-defund the police PAC.

Just like Planned Parenthood required Katie Hobbs and numerous Arizona Democrats to support defunding the police in exchange for their endorsement, the AOC PAC requires legislators to attest that they will work to defund the police.

As Josh Kraushaar points out on Twitter, "AOC’s Courage to Change PAC sets litmus test for candidates who “reduce the annual budget for law enforcement and defense spending.”

O’Halleran agreed and took the cash.
Homicides in Arizona are surging and fentanyl is pouring over the wide-open southern border. Meanwhile, Arizona Democrats have made defunding the police a core plank of their agenda. Democrat Party chair Raquel Teran repeatedly voiced support for defunding the police in an interview this year.
Bottom Line: Tom O’Halleran pretends to support law enforcement on TV, but quietly signed on to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s defund the police pledge. Rural Arizona can’t trust Democrat Tom O’Halleran.
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