Introducing Your New Chairman!

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  • 02/23/2023
Get to know your new Chairman, Jeff DeWit! Hear Jeff's plans for the future of the AZGOP + his plans for a red '24. 
Source: AZGOP
Jeff DeWit by (Flickr Photo/Gage Skidmore) is licensed under

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Target insider says rank-and-file staffers ‘feel left behind’ by execs ‘without our best interest’ in mind

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Many rank-and-file Target staffers are questioning if they "belong" at the retailer after a disastrous rollout of LGBTQ Pride month merchandising has left staffers on both sides of the issue peeved at the company’s high-powered decision makers, according to a well-placed insider.

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Senate passes bipartisan debt ceiling bill, sends to Biden’s desk

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The Senate passed a bill to raise the government's borrowing limit late Thursday night, sending it to President Biden’s desk with just days to spare before the government was set to run out of money to pay its obligations on June 5.

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House committee grills Biden Labor Dept on child migrant exploitation ahead of hearing

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Republicans on the House Committee on Education and the Workforce are seeking answers from the Department of Labor (DOL) about what it is doing to crack down on the exploitation of unaccompanied child migrants in the workforce – after reports of an "explosive" growth in the child labor force.

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Chairman Jeff DeWit's Biography


Meet your new Republican Party of Arizona Chairman, Jeff DeWit!

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