Operación ¡Vamos shatters records in Arizona

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Operación ¡Vamos shatters records in Arizona
[Phoenix, AZ] – In April 2022, the National Republican Senatorial Committee and nine GOP State Parties announced the launch of “Operación ¡Vamos!” a seven-figure investment in field and communications programming focused on taking the Republican message to the Hispanic community. As one of the launch states, the Arizona Vamos program has been active on the ground, speaking to voters throughout the state, since April.

This week, the Arizona Vamos program hit a major milestone, contacting our 250,000th Hispanic voters throughout the state, the most for a single election cycle in the Republican Party of Arizona HISTORY! From the beginning, our party reiterated its deep commitment to engaging one of the largest and most diverse minorities in our state. Hispanic voters in Arizona demand clear answers to our most pressing issues: crime, inflation, and the open border, and only Republicans are ready to lead! For months we’ve held roundtables, participated in community events, and delivered our winning message in English and Spanish to Hispanic voters all across our state.

We are going into the election having seen both Kari Lake and Blake Masters launch crucial Hispanic coalitions and our state party making record investments into bilingual and minority engagement. The energy and the Hispanic community are on OUR side. Hispanic voters know that their voice matters and that only Republicans will protect the American Dream. We look forward to building the Arizona first party of tomorrow that emphasizes every day that ALL Arizonans deserve better.

Statement from the Republican Party of Arizona Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward: 
“Our historic relationship building in Arizona Hispanic communities has taught us so much about what concerns this important, growing demographic. Unsurprisingly, Republican values are Hispanic values, and our GOP nominees’ common sense approach to dealing with crime, inflation, and border security resonates across the board.”
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