No One Hates Arizona More Than Democrats

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Contact:Kristy Dohnel
(Scottsdale) Crime in Phoenix has increased nearly 50% since former Vice President Joe Biden took office. Tucson is one of the deadliest places to live in America. On top of that, we are experiencing the worst border crisis in our nation's history. While nearly 6,000 people cross our southern border illegally each day, 80,000 young Americans have died of overdoses from drugs coming up through the border.

While more and more of these alarming numbers make headlines, Arizonans should take notice of the alarming amount of Democratic candidates committed to opposing law enforcement. The rise in Democrats who support defunding the police is truly disturbing– we are actively watching them choose leftist pandering over the safety of Arizonans.

Their actions speak for themselves. Arizona Democratic Party Chair Raquel Teran called for defunding the police in a local TV interview earlier this year. The Arizona Democratic Party hired a new staffer to help with the Governor’s election who has advocated defunding police and evoked a cop-killing terrorist in an official statement. Candidate for Attorney General Kris Mayes hired a staffer who denounced police as ‘racist’ stormtroopers hellbent on killing black people, Maricopa County Attorney candidate Julie Gunnigle promised to prosecute cops, not criminals if elected, Katie Hobbs accepted three endorsements from organizations that support defunding the police, Kirsten Engel signed an anti-cop pledge that called for defunding police, and the list goes on and on.

Our safety is in jeopardy and an entire political party would rather be enemies of law enforcement than help them to keep us safe. If you believe in the safety of citizens, then you have no choice but to vote Republican… Democrats actively pass policies that jeopardize our safety and well-being. 

Official Statement from Republican Party of Arizona Communications Associate Carl Hodgson: “Given the current state of crime in Arizona and the crisis at the southern border, defund-the-police-Democrats are the biggest threat facing our Democracy today.”
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