Democrat Corporation Commission Candidates will California our Arizona

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Contact:Kristy Dohnel
(Scottsdale, Arizona): Hide your wallets, folks. Democrat candidates for Corporation Commission Sandra Kennedy and Lauren Kuby are foaming at the mouth to force their radical Green-New Deal energy policies on Arizona.
During the ACC debate on September 12th, Republican candidates Kevin Thompson and Nick Myers faced off against their Democratic opponents. Squaring off on issues such as climate change, water supply, and renewable energy policy.
While Republicans focused on issues to improve the quality of life for all Arizonans, such as securing water rights for Arizonans, energy independence, and keeping utility prices affordable. Kuby and Kennedy are relentless in bringing "Green-New Deal" policies to Arizona, such as forcing unreliable renewable energy mandate requirements upon Arizona. Which can lead to radical price increases, blackouts, and energy failures as seen in Texas or California.
"We are on the frontlines of the climate crisis, but with crisis comes opportunity," noted Kuby at the debate, "and we need to lead a clean energy transition for our state." Kuby and Kennedy are ignoring the black sheep next door and need to be reminded of the utter failure this plan is causing in California. Despite the rampant blackouts, the main problem is cost. Wind and solar are unreliable, and they can't replace our reliable power plants, only supplement them at tremendous cost. The result is even when California's electricity is working, it's expensive.
Kuby and Kennedy's plan of mandating "unreliable" energy sources in Arizona makes no sense. They want to increase the regulation of utility companies while decreasing the reliability of our energy grid.
This radical shift in energy policy is a nationwide push by Democrats to increase the regulation and management of energy providers while simultaneously hurting consumers. In an interview with the Arizona Republic earlier this year, Kennedy mentioned "We would love to see the renewable energy industry just take over this state."
A victory for Green New Deal Democrats in this race would be a blow to Arizonan's wallets and put communities at risk. Democrats are pushing three energy policies across the country.

Mandating unreliable sources of energy (solar and wind)
Prematurely shutting down reliable energy plants
Stopping the construction and investment of natural gas infrastructure in Arizona.
Instead of attempting to turn our state into a pseudo-California, we should avoid "green" policies that reward and mandate unreliable electricity while encouraging reliable energy from nuclear, natural gas, coal, and hydro sources.
Republican candidates Nick Myers is a former software engineer, businessman, and current policy advisor to current commissioner Justin Olson. Kevin Thompson is a Mesa city councilman and Air Force veteran who worked as an engineer for the utility company Southwest Gas.
With a simple platform of affordable utility prices, working with companies and not against them, and ensuring a reliable energy supply, Myer's and Thompson are ready to put Arizonans first.
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