Republican Party of Arizona Celebrates a Successful Mandatory Meeting

For Immediate Release


PHOENIX, ARIZONA - The Republican Party of Arizona held our biennial Mandatory Meeting on Saturday, January 27, 2024. The meeting had over 1000 State Committeemen in attendance from across the Grand Canyon State. During the meeting, our body elected new leadership to steer us through this crucial election cycle. The results show Arizona Republicans are motivated to unify and win in 2024.

Although the Mandatory Meeting does not usually contain a chairman's election, our State Committeemen chose to amend the agenda to fill the vacancy left by the prior chair's resignation. With a remarkable display of unity and support, Gina Swoboda was elected as our new Chairwoman with over 66% of the vote in a three-way race. This result is not just a win for Gina but a clear indication of the trust and confidence our party places in her leadership abilities. Gina's vision for the Republican Party of Arizona, her commitment to our core values, and her strong understanding of election law set us on a promising path for our party's future.

In addition to electing our new Chairwoman, we successfully elected our non-statutory officers, who will work alongside the Chairwoman to guide our party through a successful election cycle and Keep Arizona Red. With transparency in mind, we are thrilled to announce the results of the election contests from the Mandatory Meeting.

Position Name Results
Chairman Gina Swoboda 1040
Jim O'Connor 446
Verl Farnsworth 75
1st Vice Chair Gina Maloney 958
Vera Gebran 560
2nd Vice Chair
(First Ballot)
Shiry Sapir 677
Alan Nichols 559
Christopher King 179
Greg Wilkinson 141
2nd Vice Chair
(Second Ballot)
Shiry Sapir 620
Alan Nichols 517
3rd Vice Chair Kris Morrissey 831
Gary Snyder 590
Ed Tilton 68
Chris Campbell 54
Assistant Secretary Shirley Dye 912
Carol Ayotte 615
Assistant Treasurer Elizabeth Kennedy 816
Kevin Maldonado 686
Sergeant-At-Arms Carie Hughes 804
David Laura 732
Assistant Sergeant-At-Arms Brandon Turley 833
Raymond Bashkingy 486
Steven McEwen 204
CD 4 Member At Large Ian Murray 55
Debie Birch 45
Tracy Ireland 34

Congratulations to Chairwoman Swoboda and all the newly elected Republican Party of Arizona officers. This team is dedicated to securing Arizona's future. With a focus on aggressively registering Republican voters and securing victories in state and federal elections, our newly elected leaders are ready to expand the Republican majority in the Arizona legislature and pick up additional congressional seats, take back a U.S. Senate seat, and restore Republican leadership in the White House.

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