For Immediate Release
Contact: Zachery Henry

PHOENIX — Republican Party of Arizona Chairwoman Kelli Ward issued the following statement as President Trump makes campaign stops in the cities of Prescott and Tucson, Arizona:

“We're excited to welcome President Trump back to the beautiful state of Arizona. The President's visit today serves as another highlight of the stark differences between these two candidates. President Trump took on the Coronavirus while leading our nation in the Great American Comeback. By putting America First, he's negotiated improved trade agreements that benefit our nation, cut taxes for all Americans, and worked to secure our southern border. Meanwhile, his opponent can't muster the courage to leave his basement, to face the press, or to even answer basic questions about where he stands on the important issues that define this race for Arizonans and all Americans. On November 3, when you wonder about how the polls were so wrong again — remember this moment."