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                                                                   MASSIVE VICTORY FOR ELECTION INTEGRITY
                                                       US Supreme Court Upholds Arizona Ban on Ballot Harvesting

(Phoenix, AZ) In a six to three decision, the US Supreme Court upheld Arizona’s law banning “ballot harvesting,” in the case Brnovich v Democratic National Committee. Ballot harvesting is a practice where people are sent out to collect mail-in ballots from large numbers of people and then turn them into either the post office or to county election drop boxes.
“This is a massive victory for election integrity,” said Dr. Kelli Ward, Chairwoman of the Arizona Republican Party. “The court saw through the Democrats’ baseless accusations against our state’s ballot harvesting ban. Making sure the chain of custody with mail in ballots remains intact, is vital. This law helps do that. The Republican Party of Arizona is grateful for the US Supreme Court’s wise decision.”

The court’s decision has ramifications beyond Arizona: twenty-six other states have similar laws. The decision also has positive implications for the election integrity laws being passed this year in Arizona and other states.

As part of the decision, the court also upheld Arizona’s law requiring that ballots are cast at the correct precinct in order to be considered valid.

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