Maricopa Meet the Anti-Cop Team running for Top Law Office

For Immediate Release
Contact:Kristy Dohnel
(Scottsdale, AZ) Arizona Democrats' war on the police escalates as candidate for Maricopa County Attorney Julie Gunnigle comes under fire as she and her top campaign staffer openly expressed support for defunding law enforcement agencies.

Gunnigle has pledged to create a special division to prosecute police officers. In addition to pledging not to enforce laws on the books. This anti-cop attitude comes as the crime rate across Arizona has spiked since 2019.

This hateful behavior from Gunnigle is not surprising, she ran on a similar platform in 2020, where she lost her first attempt for Maricopa County Attorney. Like other Arizona Democrats, including Katie Hobbs and Kirsten Engel, Gunnigle agreed to support the Defund the Police movement to gain Planned Parenthood’s endorsement.

Gunnigle's campaign manager, Bruce Franks Jr., is at the center of her extreme policies as he previously advocated for defunding police departments on mass. Despite his accusations of "corruption" within law enforcement agencies, Franks himself has a lengthy history of unethical practices. He resigned from the Missouri state legislature months before an ethics probe found Franks spent campaign funds on personal expenses. To even things out, Franks should consider adding "hypocrite" to his Twitter bio.

The Republican Party of Arizona proudly stands behind our law enforcement officers, who risk their lives every day to protect us and keep our communities safe. We call on Gunnigle and her staffers to publicly apologize for her disparaging comments toward law enforcement officers.

Statement from Republican Party of Arizona's Political Director Jeremiah Cota: “Violent crime is on the rise across Arizona as a direct result of Democratic Leadership at the local and county level. Statistics and common-sense logic support a clear conclusion: Soft on crime messaging and coddling criminals DOES NOT WORK. Unlike Soros’ disciple Julie Gunnigle, current Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell (R) dedicates her office to respecting and working with the police."
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