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Arizona Democrat Candidates for Corporation Commission Take Millions in Dark Money from Bloomberg-Aligned PAC

Ward: “Hypocrisy seems to be a standard trait these days for the Democrat Party”

PHOENIX — Once crusading against dark money forces, Arizona’s three Democrat candidates for Corporation Commission appear to have had a change of heart since becoming the state’s leading recipients of $7 million in dark money support from outside PACs, including the New York City-based group Beyond Carbon Victory Fund.
The Beyond Carbon Victory Fund, funded by New York billionaire Mike Bloomberg, has invested heavily to ensure the Arizona Corporation Commission immediately implements its agenda of a 100% clean energy economy. Democrats Bill Mundell, Anna Tovar, and Shea Stansfield have yet to reveal their relationship with the secretive organization. And, in an ironic twist, after long criticizing dark money in campaigns, all three are now the leading recipients in Arizona of such money.

“Hypocrisy seems to be a standard trait these days for the Democrat Party,” said Republican Party of Arizona Chairwoman Kelli Ward. “Millions of Arizonans rely on the Corporation Commission to fairly and independently set rates and energy standards in our state. Candidates who are bankrolled by out-of-state groups should be subjected to a high level of scrutiny otherwise we run the risk of electing individuals who may not in fact be representing the people, but in reality are representing and doing the bidding of billionaires and corporations.”

To clarify their previous opinions on dark money, we’ve provided quotes on the issue from each of the three Democrat candidates running.
Bill Mundell said“I want to stop the dark money spending that has corrupted the Commission, and our democracy in general, and has led to those non-stop unjustified rate increases.”

Anna Tovar said“Dark Money contributions have led to erosion of the code of ethics among some commissioners. We should be able to trust what they say and believe they represent the people and not the corporations.” In addition, on Tovar’s website, she proudly touts“Anna is participating as a Clean Elections Candidate because she believes a Corporation Commissioner shouldn’t take money from special interests..!”

Shea Stansfield said“Dark money interference and monopoly corporations have corrupted the original intent of the ACC to act on behalf of the residents of Arizona.” When asked what she believes to be an area of weakness for the Corporation Commission, Stansfield added“The involvement of outside dark money that funds the campaigns. Resulting in individuals who ‘work for the monopoly’ rather than in the best interest of the residences. Regulators that are on the monopoly payroll will not regulate that business or corporation.”
While it may take a while for Arizonans to find out what exactly $7 million will buy you these days, it's clear that the three Democrat candidates for the Corporation Commission will all likely finish as first, second, and third place recipients of dark money spent on state races in 2020.