ICYMI: Arizona Democrat Party Chair Says Trump "Aligned With ISIS"

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Contact: Zachery Henry

Arizona Democrat Party Chair Slanderously Alleges Trump-ISIS Alliance Hours Before White House Announces Killing of ISIS Leader Baghdadi

“Trump is manipulating the White House and has aligned himself with ISIS”

PHOENIX – Speaking at a political conference in Phoenix, Arizona Democrat Party Chairman Felecia Rotellini falsely accused President Trump of having “aligned himself” with the jihadist terrorist group ISIS.

Rotellini made the comment at the Citizens Clean Elections Commission’s “We the Voters” conference on Saturday, Oct. 26, at the Phoenix Convention Center, during a panel discussion that also featured Republican Party of Arizona Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward, Arizona Libertarian Party Chairman Howard Blitz, and Arizona Green Party First Vice Chair Amee Beck.

Responding to a question about why voters should identify and vote as a registered member of a political party, Rotellini asserted that “a reason that people are going to vote” is because President Donald Trump has “aligned himself with ISIS and Saudi Arabia,” adding that the “most important thing” those in the crowd could do is “vote for a president who is not going to align himself with the most dangerous foreign nations that are the reason why we had 9/11.”

Rotellini made the slanderous accusation at approximately 1:45 p.m. MST – within an hour of President Trump and top U.S. military officials gathering in the Situation Room to watch as U.S. special forces carried out a nighttime raid in northwest Syria that ended in the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Republican Party of Arizona Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward, who criticized the ridiculous charge as “not true” the moment it was made, urged Arizona’s elected Democrat leaders to condemn their party chair’s false accusation and dangerous fearmongering.

“It is extremely disconcerting to hear the top Democrat in Arizona slander and malign an innocent person for being aligned with the world’s most evil terrorists, let alone the President of the United States,” said Ward. “While fearmongering from the Left is expected up to a point, we have to draw the line somewhere if they’re going to refuse to police themselves. Baseless statements like those made by the chair of the Arizona Democrat party are wildly irresponsible and not rooted in reality.”

Prior to being elected chair of the Arizona Democrat Party, Rotellini ran two failed campaigns in 2010 and 2014 for attorney general. In her second bid for attorney general, Rotellini earned several notable state media endorsements, including from the Arizona Republic and Tucson’s Arizona Daily Star, which at the time wrote that Rotellini was “positioned to restore honor and credibility to the position of attorney general.”

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