RELEASE: Phoenix Business Owners Tout President Trump’s Roaring Economy

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Contact:Samantha Zager
Phoenix Business Owners Tout President Trump’s Roaring Economy

Scottsdale, AZ – Business owners from Phoenix joined Trump Victory and the Arizona Republican Party for an economic roundtable at DEPCOM Power in Scottsdale as part of the nationwide Open For Business Tour. The roundtable was led by U.S. Senator Martha McSally, and included U.S. Representative Andy Biggs and Arizona Republican Party Chairman Kelli Ward. The participants illustrated how President Trump’s economy continues to work for Arizona’s business community and families alike. 
While 2020 Democrats campaign on job - and economy - killing proposals, Arizona’s business owners were ready to push back on narratives that mischaracterize our strong economy.

“This event in Scottsdale showcased the benefits of the booming economy people are seeing under President Trump, the GOP Congress, and Governor Ducey,” said U.S. Senator Martha McSally. “Because of the smart policies this president and Republicans have enacted, businesses are seeing real, positive effects: from bonuses for workers to steady revenue to rising wages. As Democrats tour the country spewing falsehoods about the economy, Arizona is thriving and ‘Open for Business’ due to the president’s policies.”

“No one has done more for the United States and the state of Arizona than President Trump, and that includes the positive trajectory we’re seeing with this economy. As I travel the state and talk to business owners, I hear the same thing: confidence in this president and the economy is at an all-time high,” 
said Arizona Republican Party Chairman Kelli Ward.

“Since President Trump was elected, we have seen a tremendous amount of confidence in the economy that wasn’t there before,” 
said DEPCOM Power CEO Jim Lamon. “President Trump’s policies are working for DEPCOM Power. From the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act to deregulation, our renewable energy business is thriving – and that’s a direct reflection of the economy.”