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Yes on Prop 128 Voter Protection Act Billionaires who create incentives ("zuckerbucks") that create/change law or the Constitution must be stopped. Proposition 128 would be the Guardrails to solve this problem. Vote Yes!
Yes on Prop 129 Voter Transparency Ballot measures should not have contradicting language & unrelated provisions designed to confuse voters. Stop out-of-state interest groups from hiding things from Arizona voters. Vote YES!
Yes on Prop 131 Protect your Vote; Support Lt. Governor Protect your vote for Governor by ensuring that the line of succession reflects your choice if there becomes a vacancy for the Governor. Vote YES!
Yes on Prop 132 Protect Arizona Taxpayers Prop 132 protects taxpayers by requiring a 60% majority of voters to pass any ballot measures that raises taxes. Vote YES!
No on Prop 209 Higher Prices for Arizonans  With record inflation already hurting every Arizonan, we don't need a California union-backed attempt to rig our healthcare system against us. Vote No!
No on Prop 211 Doxing and Political Discrimination  Last year Democrats labeled millions of parents "Domestic Terrorists" and now they want to make an 'enemies list' based on your political donations. Vote No!
No on Prop 308 Tuition Amnesty for Illegals  Democrats in Arizona are trying to give taxpayer-subsidized tuition amnesty to our state universities for illegals. Vote No!
Yes on Prop 309 Universal Voter ID Voter ID is the #1 way to secure our elections. No matter how you vote, there must be a process to verify who you are. Vote YES!
No on Prop 310 Sales Tax Increase  Did you know that Democrats' inflation has already cost you 4-6 weeks worth of pay this year? Stop them from raising your taxes now!
Vote No!
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